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"The Last Call to BBS" includes game introduction What games are there?

2022-08-06 12:24:37Ranger Raiders

The Last Call BBS is a collection of retro puzzle games. The official version has been officially released. This work contains 8 works. So what games are there in the last call? Let’s take a look at this with the editor.The last call to BBS contains an introduction to the game.


Includes game description

The eight full games are as follows:

20th Century Food Court:Design factories to produce food, just as people did in the 20th century more than 700 years ago.Keep costs low and get your machine up and running fast!

STEED FORCE Hobby Studio: Assemble an anime-based superhuman speed robot model on your computer.No sandpaper required!

X’BPGH: The Forbidden Path:Enter a cursed world and create bizarre flesh sculptures in exchange for immortality.The owner is satisfied...but can you trust him?

Sawayama Solitaire:There is no new card game from Zachtronics.This time is a new interpretation of the "classic" solitaire facelift, Solitaire.

Dungeons & Diagrams:Try these intoxicating jigsaw logic puzzles.Can you mark the dungeon and steal all the treasure?

Youxia Network 2

ChipWizard Professional:Build integrated circuits using wires, transistors, and capacitors.Wait, is this a game, or is it a CAD program?

HACK*MATCH: from EXAPUNKS, a reworked puzzle mini-game with single-player and local face-to-face multiplayer (supports Steam Remotegame).

Kabufuda Solitaire:Create a matching Japanese zuza deck in this retro reinvention of the challenging original card game that debuted on Elizaset.


Back in the days when personal computers were new and exciting, with high-resolution pixel art and an FM-infused soundtrack!

Learn the story behind Last Call's mysterious administrator "The Bar Boss" and the Sawayama Corporation, the game developer and legendary PC maker of the '90s.

The above is the introduction of the last call to BBS including the game. Netizens who haven't started the game can consider starting the game if they like some of the above game works. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in the game.

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