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How to beat Phoenix in "Vampire Survivor"?Cosmo unlock method

2022-08-06 12:24:35Ranger Raiders

In version 0.10 of Vampire Survivor, several new hidden characters have been added. Cosmo Phoenix is ​​one of them. Some players haven't got this character yet. Here we bring you how to unlock Vampire Survivor Cosmo., let's take a look at the following introduction.


Cosmo unlock method

Character: Cosmo-Phoenix 2

Unlock method:

Using a character without a golden egg, take two birds to a place with a flamethrower on the map.

Prerequisite: Unlocks the tarot card system and has ziassunta belpaese (big brother with a blue whip) 3

Obtain the black and white bird weapon upgrade passive crown, Tiramisu in cappella mangana level 5. 4 5


Then in the following image location:


You can attack the wall. You must have black and white birds to attack. After opening the channel, you should be able to unlock it.

We have finished sharing the unlocking method of Vampire Survivor Cosmo. Players who haven't got this character can read the above introduction, I hope it will help you to pass the level smoothly.

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