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How to play "Pokémon Zhu Zi"?Features of gameplay

2022-08-06 12:28:27Ranger Raiders

  The content that can be experienced in Pokémon Zhu Zi is still very rich,For instance can collect different attributes of treasure can dream、After becoming a partner with Pokémon, you can fight against different Pokémon, etc.,So what else is fun?,Here is a brief introduction to the content and features of Pokémon Zhu Zi's gameplay.,一起来看下文中介绍吧.


Features of gameplay

  Make Pokémon your partner

  Adventure freely in the Padilla region,Meet many Pokémon.

  When galloping on the vast field,in the grass、森林、See the life of various Pokémon in caves and other places.If you come across a wild Pokémon,It can be caught by throwing a Poke Ball in battle.Apart from fighting,You can also make new Pokémon as partners by exchanging Pokémon with other players.


  Complete the Pokédex

  If a Noble Pokémon is caught or traded during an adventure,Their information will be added to the treasure map can dream,宝可梦图鉴AppThe bookshelf is gradually filled.

  Use the treasure map can dreamApp,You can view the ecology and distribution of the added Pokémon.

  Partner with many Pokémon,Complete the Pokémon Book.


  Enjoy Pokémon Battles

  After encountering wild Pokémon or talking to some Pokémon trainers,Treasure can dream is against.对战时,Both Pokémon will use moves each turn,Reduce the opponent's PokémonHP.

  put the opponent's PokémonHP削减至0,can knock it down.

  另外,To gain an advantage in the battle,First to bring down each other treasure can dream,It is necessary to consider factors such as the attributes and characteristics of Pokémon to formulate strategies.



  Pokémon and Pokémon's moves have their own attributes,According to the relationship between attributes,Will make moves have advantages and disadvantages.When using a move that counters the opponent's Pokémon,can cause more damage than usual.


  Characteristics of Pokémon

  Pokémon have their own characteristics.Features that are also useful for combat,So make good use of the characteristics to gain an advantage in the battle.!


  Breeding Pokémon

  Pokémon gain experience by winning battles,and grow stronger,Level up after gaining a lot of experience points,Pokémon's abilities will continue to grow.

  通过提升等级,Pokémon can sometimes learn new moves,Or evolve and change your appearance.

  and in Pokémon,Some are not by leveling up,but evolved through other surprising methods,Try a lot of different breeding methods.


  根据版本,The Pokémon that appear will be slightly different

  Pokémon Zhu and Pokémon Purple have various elements that vary by version,There are some differences in the Pokémon that appear, which is one of them..比如,幼基拉斯、Boulder Ding will appear in Pokémon Zhu,And baby dragon、Ice Goose will appear in Pokémon Purple.



  The above is the relevant sharing of the content and characteristics of the Pokémon Zhu Zi gameplay,Are you interested?,Pre-orders are currently in full swing,预购还有奖励可以领取,For specific information, please visit the official website.

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