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"Pokémon Zhu Zi" gameplay, battle system introduction

2022-08-06 15:00:39Game 369

First of all, we should look for the crystallization of the Taijing team battle,At this point, you can challenge team battles,crystalline appearance,Just like a gem, it reflects a shining light,It can be seen even from a distance.

Then it is also necessary to challenge after titaniumization宝可梦并不需要等待,Other Pokémon trainers can effectively activate a seamless battle mechanic within a limited time,Can effectively improve the ability.

The option of co-op play can also add a lot of aid,There are three main games here, which are to enhance the attack,提升防御,And the reply is more effective for us.

操作比较简单,You can also easily play with your friends,Not too restrictive.

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