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"The Disney dream star valley" for material?Material acquisition method is introduced

2022-09-22 19:22:02Ranger strategy

There are many materials in the Disney Fantasy Star Valley game. Some players may not know how to obtain the Disney Fantasy Star Valley materials?Here is an introduction to how to obtain Disney Fantasy Star Valley materials, let's take a look.Hope it can help everyone.


Introduction to material acquisition methods

Material acquisition method:

Gem: You can get black stones on the edge of the map. It should be noted that some black stones will have luminous stones, which will definitely drop gems of the corresponding color. 2

However, some pure black stones will also drop gems. Going to the map corresponding to the map and knocking on black stones also has a chance to drop gems.


Night Shards, Dream Shards: It will randomly drop from the dark thorns. I heard from friends that there are only 10 dream shards a day. I haven't tried it myself, and friends who have tried can say thata bit.

Sand: To do the Maui favor task, you need a five-star cuisine, and then unlock the new skill of the hoe, which can knock the green stones on the beach, break it into a lot of sand, or dig sand (impressive efficiency)

Coal: It's too common, but it's used a lot. Black stones will randomly drop coal when knocked, dark thorns, and dirt.

Water plants: This one really vomited, and then I found the quiet grass and went to the pond to fish. Don't fish where there are air bubbles, water plants will appear.

The above is all about the introduction of the Disney Fantasy Star Valley material acquisition method. Players who are interested in this theme can add it to their wishlist first, so as to know the price of the game in time.For more information, please pay attention to!

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