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"Gundam Evolution" gameplay rules introduction Point mode rules introduction

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What are the rules of Gundam Evolution gameplay?There are many different modes in the game, and the rules of different modes are different. There are many details of the gameplay that need to be studied. Many players still don’t know what the rules of the mode are in the game.Introducing the rules of the Gundam Evolution Point Mode.


Gundam Evolution Point Mode Rules Introduction

Victory Conditions

The team with the most points at the end of all rounds wins.

If both teams have the same score, the victory will go to the team with the highest suppression rate.

Overtime and draw

If both teams score both goals, the game will go to overtime.

If both teams have the same number of points and the same suppression rate, the game ends in a draw. 2

Basic Rules:

In Point Capture, players are divided into teams of attackers and defenders, who then continue to battle for control of the target.

The attacker's goal is to take control of the target before the time limit expires, while the defender's job is to protect them.

There are two rounds in each game.At the end of the first round, players will switch sides.

By taking control of Target A in Zone 1, the attacker will unlock Zone 2, which contains Target B.When this happens, the location of their assault zone will change.

The round ends when both targets are captured by the attacker, or when the time limit expires when the defender successfully holds the position.

Zone 1 3

Region 2 4

Capture target


Capture will begin when the attacker's team's units get close enough to the target.

Getting close to the target will fill the suppression meter.When the suppression meter is completely filled, the target will be captured.

Bringing more attacker units closer to the target will fill the suppression meter faster.

If a unit of the defender team approaches the target while the attacker team is trying to capture the target, the suppression meter will stop filling and the area will become "competitive".

Capture area 6

Compete for an area 7

Keeping targets safe will increase your team's suppression rate.

Even if there are no units from the attacker in the target area, your suppress rate will not be reduced, although your suppress meter will be reduced.

Increase inhibition rate

Youxia Net8

Capturing a target will give the attacker team 1 point.

Attackers can get up to 2 points per turn.

Extra time

If certain conditions are met when the time limit expires, the game will go into overtime and the round will continue.

The above is the introduction to the rules of Gundam Evolution Point Mode. For more game-related information and strategies, please pay attention to We will update the most complete content as soon as possible to help you understand the game. Let's take a look together.

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