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How to set up Chinese in "Gundam Evolution"?Chinese setting method introduction

2022-09-22 19:22:12Ranger Raiders

Gundam Evolution is a Gundam-themed shooting game. Each Gundam in the game has different skills and weapons. Many friends do not know how to set up Gundam Evolution in Chinese. The following editor will bring Gundam Evolution ChineseLet's take a look at the setting method.


The game supports Chinese and Chinese dubbing. Open the Steam library and right-click the game.Click Manage to select language settings and switch the language to Chinese.

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Game Introduction

Gundam Evolution is a first-person team-oriented shooter game that adopts 6v6 combat and three game modes of "seize a stronghold", "total domination" and "destruction". The UI and gameplay are similar to those of Overwatch.

Players can control 12 classic mobile suits for free, including popular suits such as Yuanzu, Barbatos, Inverted A and Shazabi, each with their own attack and defense skills, and play their own unique role in battle.

Gundam Evolution will allow players to drive the mobile suits in the Gundam series for high-speed and gorgeous battles. It is a team shooting game that allows players to enjoy 6V6 battles.

The above is the introduction of the Chinese setting method of Gundam Evolution. For more game-related information and strategies, please pay attention to We will update the most complete content as soon as possible to help you understand the game. Let's take a look together.

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