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Detailed explanation of the steps to enter Taiwu Village in the official version of "Taiwu Painting Scroll"

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《太吾绘卷》To start the game, players need to find Taiwu Village first.,So how can we find and enter the village smoothly??请看下面由“Canglang returned”带来的《太吾绘卷》Detailed explanation of the steps to enter Taiwu Village in the official version,一起来看看吧.

Presumably as a real novice,you've been stuck with a complex interface!abstract operation!Weird task!Getting dizzy!It seems to be able to exert strength anywhere,The feeling of being powerless anywhere!

没关系,Then let's get rid of the cocoon,一步步来.This guide,First teach you how to enter Taiwu Village.

初入游戏,Meet Bamboo Lodge

开局,We'll trigger a conversation with our foster father.注意,在这一步,You can just click on yourself on the left,View the properties interface,Are you satisfied with the entry of character traits?.不满意,Can be directly out of heavy brush,But it doesn't have to be perfect OCD,It's normal to swipe one or two negative entries.



选(1),The initial training degree of Taizu Changquan and Small Longitudinal Yuegong starts from50%增加至100%;

选(2),All martial arts qualifications+10;

选(3),All technical qualifications+10(Except for this,The adoptive father will give it to Taiwu《Pei Ran trick》内功)

选(4),All martial arts、Technical qualifications+5.

对话结束后,Congratulations, you got the novice fighting package,并且,Adoptive father gave you a task:捉蛐蛐.

Now you can move freely,But this time look at the interface、看地图、Studying each keystroke only adds to the annoyance,The weapons and exercises you just got from the conversation,System already all give you equipment.So it's none of your business,In the carefree bamboo room,You only do three things:捉蛐蛐、捉蛐蛐、捉蛐蛐.


现在你可以看到,The main landmarks are on the map with a golden edge(城市、Taiwu Village、The main landmark of the sect,All will be golden),There are many pools nearby、原野、Stone forest plot,There are a lot of resources you can collect,但不是现在.And your only goal in Zhulu:蛐蛐,Refresh not far away3in a plot.

Click on the plot with the left mouse button,或者键盘WASD四键,you can move around the map.Long press the target plot,Can move automatically over long distances(Provided you have the map open,Otherwise will go one by one).

Just leave the bamboo hut,You will immediately trigger a new mission:小猴子.


Little monkey injured in fight among monkeys in valley,向你求救.在这个界面,You will face it for the first time【Stand option】:


choose the same position as you,For example, my character is Ren Shan,Then I choose the benevolent option,The character's mood will rise.Otherwise, it will decrease.When the character's mood is extremely low,Easier to be enchanted,Cultivation is also more likely to fail、紊乱.

But different positions also have different special effects,such as graciously rejecting the demands of others,Their favorability will not decrease;Like solipsistically ordering others to work for you,then they may become your comrades;所以必要时,You can also choose options with different positions,These you will slowly explore in later games.

After completing the little monkey mission,你会得到5A wild fruit.野果(and other foods、酒类)的作用,You can in characters-Hold the interface to view,There are copies(Especially the combat copy),You must submit food items to enter.

接下来,Continue to the promotion site.Promoting Adventure is like any other adventure,Need you to move to the plot,And click the above symbols,才能触发.Remote click doesn't trigger.

你可以看到,Three weaving locations,There is only one possession.If you choose the wrong place,The weave will run away,After escaping it hides2in a plot,如果依然错误,it will only refresh in a plot.也就是说,In the worst case,Requires you to move three times to catch(比如我).


This is the interface of the weave capture,Wait patiently for the ripple to be the largest、最密、The loudest pattern,Then just click quickly.

It's like the protagonist doesn't understand why his adoptive father is in such a hurry to fight crickets,You don't know what's the use of crickets in this game,But it is the game and martial arts、One of the three functions of the juxtaposition of skills,The other two play what role,What does the cricket do?.So as much as possible to catch the good weave.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom out and zoom in on the map,You can see that more cricket points are refreshed,There is also a butterfly-shaped symbol.This means replica tasks.


Now you can catch crickets everywhere,You can also wander around,You can also try playing the monkey copy.你一共有30天(行动点),Mouse over a plot,The number shown is the action points you will spend to get there;How many days will it take to write when entering a copy;Insufficient action points will enter the next month.

Be careful with two things:


Dark abyss,Pass through this block,You and all your fellows will be hurt,In the early stage if the injury is too serious,药物无法治疗,then you lose health every month(寿命),是非常得不偿失的,So avoid this area and walk.


Kua'e bronze statue,map with red characters,means an enemy,And the enemy of Zhuhu has and only the bronze statue of Kua'e,Almost mortal upon encounter,So be sure to walk away.

If you choose to hang out and catch crickets,这里就不赘述了,等待3个月过去,Trigger the quests.

If you choose to play“Hero Monkey”副本,then this would be the place to teach junior fighter tricks.Click Copy,Submit the props to open the copy,Go to the copy page.


The system will automatically plan a route for you,Which area do you want to avoid?,Click on the plot to be changed,Select Assignment,with on the map“?”的地块,Areas where battles usually take place.Click forward or click the space bar,Adventures can begin,Note that the route cannot be changed after the adventure begins.



在战斗中,You can use three distances,Equip three weapons(远、中、近),You can temporarily use the stone in the lower left corner、树枝、Empty-handed to correspond to the three.And the icon below is your equipment,Different equipment has different attack distances,Of course, the damage is much higher than bare-handed branches and stones..There will be a change of weapons in the middleCD冷却.

使用A键和DKeys can be pulled apart or pulled closer together,You distance of the enemy and the display in the middle(For example, this picture shows that the distance is6.3),身法(Such as a small vertical leap)Makes you move faster,Manipulating distance is easier.Manipulate by distance,You can use ranged weapons to kite enemies,Can also hit enemies with ranged attacks.Is beyond the scope of attack distance,You just get hit.

Your skills requires you to use the corresponding attack can trigger,比如,When you use the Emei thorn weapon,The general attack on the dial is flirting、Thorn etc,Five-element stab skills,需要你使用2次“刺”的普攻,才能使用.And when your weapon is a locust stone,Your basic attack is shown on the dial in the picture,is a bomb、御、throw etc,Then no matter how you fight, you can't use the five-element stab skill.

A lazy way:All monsters in the Bamboo Hut can be solved in automatic mode,快捷方便,减少重复操作,Bleeding,秒结束战斗.(The system operation is stronger than me)

可以看到,The monkey in the hero monkey copy,都是“恶斗”.The battle mode in the game,分别是:切磋、恶斗、死斗.Learn the exercises,The loser doesn't get hurt(应该是),恶斗、Blood of death,如果不治疗,still in the next battle.The fight is to knock the opponent down,并不致命.A deathmatch is a fight until one side is completely dead.If your character dies,This game is over,You can only pass the sword to others,or end the game.

Hero Monkey'sBOSSIt's the Monkey King,The actual measurement is fully automatic and can be easily beaten,But it hurts when the monkey king beats people.(假哭)

胜利后,会触发对话,Take the Monkey King,Must have monkey wine(God tastes wine),It is suitable for gift giving,There is also a walking monkey,Increase when equipped20bag size.在角色-Equipment interface,Click on the monkey,can be equipped.

11月,It will trigger the Bamboo Hut dialogue,Hanging time is over,Got back to Bamboo Lodge to trigger the quest.The main line must trigger the task is the blue butterfly pattern.


After triggering a bunch of conversations,It is out of valley to find adoptive father!Narrowing the map you can see,Degu Junction refreshes at the map boundary,Also a blue butterfly logo.


像这种,with unexplored plots in between,Can't long press to move!Have to explore each grid.

After a series of shortest operations on a straight line between two points,Reached the target plot!Trigger adventures,Adventures out of the Valley and Qiyuan Futu are combined,So this copy will tell you“七元”有什么作用.七元,These are the seven attributes of your character page:


These seven attributes affect the way you walk in adventures,Fate affect the probability of you catch good cricket.Learn slowly in the copy!This copy has no combat levels.

After passing the seven-yuan symbol chart,Met a pair of monks,触发剧情后,到达第三阶段——过河.

I will slowly code the strategy for crossing the river in the reply floor,So that on the first floor too long affect reading.


According to the map given by the adoptive father,You know you have to cross this river to reach your destination.显然,The blue butterfly refreshes in the other corner of the map.慢慢移动过去.There is no bronze statue of Kua'e on this map,But still be careful of blood loss in the dark abyss.


After reaching the blue butterfly,You find the river is too fast,Need a boat to go.So unlock the next step of the mission——Go to the village to borrow a boat.

Village of golden land can refresh on the map,Just go there.到达村庄,Will trigger dialogue with Taoist priest.Unlock the next mission——Pick wild vegetables for the Taoist priest.

this one map,your main goal is:Learn to collect functions,NPC交互功能,And to strengthen all the operations you learned in the Zhuhu map.

Move from the village to another plot,will trigger and immediatelyNPCmeeting task,他们分别是:Q. a deserved it and ultimately really hit the rich young master、A teach you how to dou cricket children、A shy and strong guy who teaches you how to collect、One teaches you how to attack/A masked girl who learns from each other.

Plot with grey character sign next to it,意味着有NPC在此.move to where they are,will trigger a teaching dialogue.


1、Fighting cricket functions are as follows:


己方、The opponent played three promotion weaving,Then bet separately.赢了,会增加NPC好感,Get the opponent's bet.输了,会降低NPC好感,Lose your bet.三局两胜,Therefore, the choice of the first two promotion organizations should talk about strategy.

The child has given you three and a half of good knitting,在开战前,You can see one of the other's weave,The other two cannot be seen.因为我在EAThere are not many crickets in the version,I win either by rolling with the best,Or do some Tian Ji horse racing……所以参考一下,Fight whatever you want.


After meeting a shy and strong man,He will help you pick wild vegetables(食材),If you pass by his lot multiple times,He will also give you some nice food items.


circled in red,is the capture button.Collect different materials,Possibly get props,Here you can not only collect ingredients,Gather some other props,Anyway, no matter how many wild vegetables you pick,The priests won't let you go().

Click on the plot,The material number next to the capture button,Allows you to see what materials are suitable for collection here.数字越小,The less you get.

下图表明,This area is suitable for gathering food.



The competition was successful,NPC好感度会上升.Otherwise, it will decrease.As for the learning operation,It's the same as fighting,Only the blood bar is halved,这点要注意.After all, let's learn from each other so far..

ps:I first manual shift dozen Stuart still on,打不过……Opened almost no injury by automatically……Combat interactions in this game,Really need some operation and proficiency to play.



Take Situ Huanyue as an example,There are conversations、Try two.After passing the novice levelNPC有更多互动,But for now, press.

交谈中,There is news and conversation(When the character is created, a random city knowledge will be given automatically,Can be used three times),Increase favorability after talking.humiliating accusations,Decreases each other's favorability and mood,Gifts will take more action value.

In the test,There are duels and martial arts competitions,上面已经提过,这里就不赘述了.

此时,Return to the hidden village,There will be a branch here:Wait for the priest to return,Or pick up the boat yourself.

Pick up the boat by yourself and leave this map directly!To the blue butterfly down the river,No need for a sequel!

Wait for the priest to return,Will trigger the village in the subsequent storyNPCAll enchanted,NPCall of themGGthe plot.This part of the plot will reward shy strong man for your fellow,所以有机会的话,Still go this drama.

After getting the boat props,to leave this map,进入第四阶段.

Exiled village

Enter this map,The golden plot of the Exiled Fortress has been refreshed on the map,You can move it one by one.The blue block next to the Zhailiangzhai,It's the station,It takes one thousand silver to go to Taiwu Village.

到了村庄,will refresh a lotNPC.on this map,Your main task is to:Learn how to make money,学会NPCDiverse interactions,and reinforce the other skills you learned on the last two maps.


没有和NPC互动时,Their favor is“-”,Just click on their avatar,就算见面了,NPCWill be according to your charm,and their positions、你的立场,to decide the first impression of you.Such as the first two after the first meeting,对我的感觉是“融洽”,其他NPCMy first impression might be“冷淡”.


businessman statusNPC,在“互动”special interactions can be unlocked in“Browse shipments”.You can make money by selling whatever you want with them.

Craftsman statusNPC,Has special interactions“Repair items”,Can repair your damaged items,当然,要收钱.

The status of the lower nineNPC,Has special interactions“Comb and shave”,Can spend some money and time,Change from her hair.

Beggar statusNPC,Has special interactions“Donate money”,Feel free to spend some money to him.并且,If the season passes,There are beggars in your current plotNPC,Then they will take the initiative to beg you.

Doctor's statusNPC,Has special interactions“Healing and detoxifying”,顾名思义.

在凑齐1000银钱后(I don't have the Broken Gold feature,The game has one thousand three hundred pieces,If there is no accident, you should not need to earn it yourself,I really need to sell something.),到达驿站,spend money,We can reach Taiwu Village.——Ah not yet,The "dirty" driver halfway put you down.

但实际上,The map is already too my village,The halfway statement is just to let you explore the plot on your own……移动鼠标,The golden plot can be seen on the map,That is Taiwu Village.

于是,This simple entry into the village tutorial is over!

After finishing this tutorial, I found,New version of the map and plot design,Still have a clear idea.

一、Bamboo cottage,必学:Learn to move,Dodge enemies in dangerous terrain,捉蛐蛐,Open the adventure,Seven yuan symbol.可选学习:战斗.

二、Hidden Village,必学:采集,NPC交互,斗蛐蛐.可选学习:切磋,战斗.

三、Exiled village,必学:NPC交互,赚钱.

也就是说,A complete newbie,If you follow the main quest completely and only,When it comes out, it will move、采集、Basic player of fighting cricket.This road leads to the construction of Taiwu Village,The main task of Taiwu Village is to build,Construction of missing materials must require you to be able to collect functions,And collection is a must learn during the novice.This big story requires——复兴、Operating Taiwu Village,是必须的,So even if you just want to play the martial arts route,Novice task must also learn business skills.

As for fighting,武学,more art,occupies so many interfaces,Two functions with so many settings,So we don't require the tutorials you have to learn.But its novice tutorial is for players who want to learn to fight,also attractive enough:As long as you go to the mission of the hero monkey,As long as you go and discuss with Situ Huanyue,You will get good reward.In particular, the monkey wine has been changed to a dungeon that must drop props.

The battle system of the new version of Taiwu Picture Scroll will be more complicated,The opening of automatic battle can only be regarded as a part of liberation,For kung fu、Different effects of weapon material on damage,Calculations will be very complex.And more factors that hinder fast customs clearance,such as long station time,long business,make it harder to practice,It may take several generations to achieve good results.当然,I think this is the design,The intent of entirely screw ship studio.They just want to make a more realistic,more variables,A world that is harder to beat once.

The biggest disadvantage is that,They did not convey this design idea to the players through the tutorial,Still think it is a lead to playersrollgood properties,Quickly solve main quests,Learning achievement method dominates the world everywhere,Do it allNPC的游戏.This game already needs a more cautious approach,同时,They inserted two whole new maps in the tutorial level for beginners,There's also a plot to fill,It's enough to show that the future Taiwu world is going to unfold in a world with a large plot volume..Taiwu Picture Scroll will be a game dominated by strong settings,Regardless of the choice of martial arts、Farming or having babies,The game world、The background will be suppressed.

As for some in-gamebug,属于低级错误,But it's also an error in the skin.我的评价是,The core of this game has been made,It's style is undeniable.它和EA版完全不同,It is also destined to be annoying to many people..There may be more simplified gameplay in the future,So that the novice experience will not be so bad.

It is certain that foreign monsters are harder to fight than local ones,Only try to avoid the terrain with enemies.The new version feels more demanding“天下武功唯快不破”了,Just attack fast enough,Hit the dead line directly,The other party can't bleed back..But keep adjusting the distance、更换武器,There is no attack,It is easy for the opponent to bleed.

If it doesn't work, try turning on auto,Auto is really strong.I turn on the auto when I kill the sword grave plot,Almost killed the opponent's kite.






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