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How to play Taiwu painted scroll

2022-09-23 11:21:05Vagabond star game strategy

After the game "Taiwu Painting Scroll" was launched, many players expressed that they did not know how to play, such as how to change internal strength, how to fight, etc. Please see "Taiwu Painting" brought by "Ye" below."Volume" beginners guide, I hope to be helpful to all players.

1. I won't say anything about building a post station. Tell me how to move after it is built: Click the world area in the lower right corner, then select the location you want to go to, open the post station and then move, don't click into that location and selectSo far, the journey is useless.

2. The construction space below the building point, then select the building you want to build, and dispatch villagers. It seems that there is no need to buy blueprints now.

3. In terms of combat, those with low difficulty can play directly and automatically, while those with higher difficulty can try kites. If he uses long weapons or hidden weapons, he will fight close to him, and if he is close to him, he will use long-range kites.

4. Pay attention to the internal and external injuries and toxins on the character interface. When a single part reaches a certain level, the character cannot be cured. If you are lucky, you can find an NPC that can be cured.(By the way, the healing is on the lower left. In the early stage, you can only treat yourself once or twice a month, then ask the doctor to pay for it).

5. In terms of infuriating qi, you need to run internal energy to obtain infuriating energy (the lower left of the week), you can only take it slowly, and you should break through a few internal energy in the exercise art.It's not the same, it has become a water mill kung fu, you can only take it slowly and not in a hurry.

6. Eating food is related to taking medicinal pills and physique. It is recommended to leave one or two spare parts for playing Jianzhong.The effect is better, but the external application can't cure it).

7. Rescue the unintentional and arrest the outsiders. After hitting the residual blood, select the hilt or rope in the upper left corner to catch.

I've thought about it so much now, the novice guide is just like shi, and I can't breathe. New players are stunned, and old players have to think about it for a long time.

8. Supplement the use of manufacturing tools and repair equipment: the equipment of the corresponding material is repaired with the corresponding manufacturing tools, for example: the woodworking box corresponds to wood, the forging furnace corresponds to gold and iron, left-click in the backpack to select the manufacturing tool, click repair,Then select the equipment you want to repair.For manufacturing equipment, refining medicine, etc., you need to build the basic building first, then select the tool on the left, select the introduction on the right, and then put in the materials, you can see how many items of equipment are made, and then click on the manufacture to make the equipment. If it shows 1, it means thatIt takes a month to build, and after the month is over, click on the manufacturing in the building to take away the finished equipment.

9. Then about the early resources, the money, gold, iron and jade are not enough to remove the piles of rubble and rocks, and the fabrics and medicinal materials are not enough to remove the weeds. Only these three things will do. Don't accidentally remove other rare resources.The resources of the class are useful in the future and are basically non-renewable.

10. Question about how to change the internal force attribute: At the beginning, most people will run Peiran Jue, and Pei Ran Jue has a mixed element attribute, that is, no attribute internal power, so your internal strength attribute will not be able to run for a thousand years.Change, you can use the internal strength of whatever attribute you want, and pay attention to the operation in the Zhoutian operation, not in the exercise interface.

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