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"Ring War" newbie gameplay sharing Notes for newbies

2022-09-23 11:33:44Vagabond star game strategy

"Ring War" will be open beta today (September 23) at 10:00 am. Let's share with you the game schedule for the first day of the game, let's take a look!

Vagrant Star

1. Focus on pushing the main line and try to buy full stamina in Port Monta.The progress of the main line in the first 7 chapters is related to the unlocking of all other important resource dungeons, and the main line is the priority for stamina consumption.

Before chapters 2 and 7, you can temporarily stop touching the side line, unless you will be able to use the main line, card exploration degree, and then spend your physical strength to touch the side line.Around chapter 7, you can start to touch the branch line and open some workshop drawings.

3. After the mine is unlocked, open the mine.This will be settled on-hook based on the number of layers pushed forward. The earlier you push and the more layers you push, the greater the benefit of your early weapon enhancement materials.Looking at the official announcement yesterday, the mine may be renamed the Dark Forest Yiling Pagoda, and of course it may be a new copy similar to the mine, but the mechanism is basically the same, whether the mine or the Dark Forest Yiling Pagoda is unlocked, it will be pushed until it can’t be pushed.verb: move.

4. The cemetery of the victims (for dog food), Budesio's fantasy world (for inscriptions), and the fishing village robbers' den (experience book) that was officially mentioned yesterday. After unlocking, push them.This type of dungeon can be understood as a dungeon that must be brushed for daily development, with a limited number of times per day, and the ring war dungeon is basically a tower climbing mechanism. The higher the climb, the better the reward.After the workshop can make keys, try to collect the corresponding materials every day to fill the above dungeon limit.

5. Improvement of mercenary combat power: level up, level advancement, career breakthrough, collection upgrade, weapon enhancement, inscription suits, and you can develop the above content when you pass the level.Pay attention to the collections, look for general entries, and don't strengthen the collections of specific dungeons and arena entries.

6. If you want to train other mercenaries in the checkpoint, you can click the reset button to return the level materials and weapon materials, and try again.But be careful not to click this button randomly, the consumed Daeron coins will not be returned.

Vagrant Star

7. The Legendary Light Infantry (this Xiaola) from the Welfare Library this time, the Legendary Poison Prophet for 40% of the exploration of the Escala Plain, and the Legendary Mercenary Falcon (this thing) for the first charge of any amount.The first time I saw it), the attendees who accumulated 100 yuan recharge (corresponding to the original God’s Choice) Nightingale, and the Shrike who signed in on the 7th, if there are no major changes, they are basically mercenaries who push the main line and are very practical. It is recommended to open the serverWith all kinds of card-drawing resources sent, Vagrant Stars will see if they can combine a purple or gold guardian + a purple or gold fire method, so that the mercenary lineup in the early stage is very complete.

8. Several card pools were introduced yesterday. As expected, UP and bottom guarantee mechanisms were added (this is the normal card pool). My point of view is still legendary recruiting (may be called another name)., on the other hand, it is the card pool assembled by the protagonist group) Don't use the dragon scale to draw first, you can see that this server opening conscience event will send two non-voting mercenaries in this card pool, plus two protagonists, there is only one battle left.Beast you haven't.Keep the dragon scales for the limited up card pool.

9. It is said that the mercenary halo has been adjusted. The first limited up card pool, Ebon Blade Knight, is stronger or weaker. I don't know..Anyway, with the benefits of opening the server and the two protagonists, the lineup is much more gorgeous than when we were in the closed beta.

10. Immersion value... I won't talk about it in detail for the time being, but I've changed it a bit. BUFF has a limit on the number of games, and I can't get a full set of buffs. It should be gamersky, pick up venison workshops on the big map to make amnesty sounds, and offline support.If you have a good habit of throwing away the confession room, you're done... If you have any tricks to steal chickens similar to the one tested above, I'll share them with you after researching them.

Judging from yesterday's server opening benefits and optimization information, this wave of server opening benefits officials is quite generous and conscientious. In addition, the difficulty of the level has been reduced, the pre-launch experience should be much better, and it will not be like an internal test.So tormenting~

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