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How much is "Chicken from the Sky"?steam price introduction

2022-09-23 12:04:42Ranger Raiders

Chicken from the Sky is a meat pigeon game that combines shooting and strategy. Many friends don't know how much this game sells for on the steam platform. The following editor will introduce the price of Chicken from the Sky on Steam.Get up and see.


Steam price introduction

Steam is priced at 36 yuan, and as of September 30, it only costs 32.4 yuan.

Game Introduction

Item Combination Players use different items to deal with different enemies and dilemmas.Players can also customize the equipment items of paratroopers to make them perform specific functions on the battlefield.

At the same time, for enemies, most props enemies can also be equipped, which makes the game more challenging and interesting.

Resource Management

Before starting the level, the player can choose the equipment to carry.But the capacity of the backpack is limited.At the same time, the treasures collected in the level will also be stored in the backpack, which means that the number of treasures you can take away is also limited.

Therefore, how to effectively manage resources is also a gameplay of the game.

The above is the introduction of the price of Chicken from the Sky on Steam. For more game-related information and strategies, please pay attention to We will update the most complete content as soon as possible to help you understand the game. Let's take a look together.

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