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Introduction to the plot flow of "Taiwu Picture Scroll" Plot strategy sharing

2022-09-23 12:04:43Ranger Raiders

  In the Taiwu picture scroll game, players not only need to play the mysterious role“太吾氏传人”,Many friends do not know how the plot will develop after the official version is launched,The following editor will share the plot strategy of Taiwu's painting scroll,一起来看看吧.


Plot strategy sharing

  1.Deep valley part

  After learning martial arts from my foster father,First, set up internal strength and books in Zhou Tianyun and Reading next to the characters in the lower left corner,To catch crickets

  The new version has three trigger points for each group of crickets,Two false and one true,After encountering a fake trigger point, the remaining trigger points will randomly flee around and will increase the chance of catching high-quality crickets at the next real trigger point

  But I recommend not rushing to catch crickets in the beginning,It is best to run Zhou Tian reading in situ,Raise your breath,分配出8红8Green is good to fight the Monkey King,After defeating the Monkey King, you can get the mount monkey and the god one taste of monkey wine

  2.An unnamed village

  Follow the plot to the adventure point and you will find that you need a boat to trigger,After the end of the story, an unnamed village will appear on the map,Go to the unnamed village to trigger the dialogue with the old Taoist,After the plot dialogue ends, leaving the village will trigger the villager dialogue.

  Individual villager dialogues can be found individually after villager dialogues are over,The opinion of different villagers can be improved through different stance options(If you have a good impression, you can pull villagers into the passage when you leave)

  Collect ingredients after talking to villagers(Anniu will remind you to collect ingredients)Collect the ingredients once and return to the village once,After the cycle repeats several times, the cooking plot will be triggered.At this time, if there are food introductions on the body(egg,鱼啊,Hare and the like)You can go directly to the industry view to find the cellar to cook,If not, you can find Aniu,Aniu will give you one.

  A few months after the cooking plot ends, the village will be set on fire for adventures,According to your favor, you can rescue two villagers in the adventure(Requires villagers' favorability over favor)And witnessed a villager's pivot into evil.Go back to the village to get the boat,Then use the boat to trigger out of the valley

  2.5 In Exodus, a channel can be sent to the fork,On the fork in the road, you will encounter a giant snake,Defeat to get the Serpent Mount(Just like the Monkey King, there is only one family,外面没有)You can consider whether to fight the orochi according to your needs

  3.exile village

  No special qualities「Ten pieces of gold」The role comes with990银钱,The money is important,Don't mess around

  Reach the dilapidated inn on the map to trigger the coachman story,The driver needs1000The money will take you to Taiwu Village,At this time, you should enter the chamber of commerce building in the exile village to sell something casually,凑够1000银钱,You can interact with the driver,End the exile village plot


  After the story of the driver is over, you will be left in a corner of the Taiwu Village map,You need to walk to Taiwu Village by yourself,Arriving at any plot on the edge of Taiwu Village will trigger the dispute between righteous and evil disciples,After the plot ends, enter Taiwu Village to trigger Granny Feng's plot,The end of the plot officially enters the game plot

  4.1Taiwu ancestral hall was established in Taiwu Village

  Enter Industry View,in decentralizationUIThere will be a building vacancy icon on the right side of the interface,Click the icon to enter the building interface,Click on Taiwu Ancestral Hall to build it.

  If resources are insufficient at this time,Some weed piles can be removed first,乱石堆,Ruins get resources.

  4.2Tomb fairy

  In the next few months, Taiwu Ancestral Hall will get news of the ancient tomb immortals and start the adventure of the ancient tomb immortals,Entering the adventure can trigger the story of the ancient tomb fairy Xu Xiangong After the plot ends, go back to Taiwu Village to trigger the Sword Tomb plot

  4.3 剑冢

  When returning to Taiwu Village from Xu Xiangong, the animation of the Sword Tomb will be played,And in the sword mound closest to Taiwu Village(Sword mounds are randomly distributed)Brush out an alien(剑冢BOSS分身).

  In the second month after the Yiren refreshes, you will receive a message calling Taiwu to return to the village,We do not wait in the village at this time,We waited outside the village for aliens to enter Taiwu Village,Then go back to the village,触发战斗(剧情杀,Don't worry about anything and it's over)After the defeat, Xu Xiangong's help was triggered.

  4.4 Go out of the village to study art

  Xu Xiangong helped after the plot ended,You will be prompted to rebuild the post station,The tiles around the post station will trigger「The king was robbed」剧情,Arriving at the post station plot triggers the adventure,In the end, Yuanji was rescued(只因)「大王」

  After the station was rebuilt,Different regions can be accessed by clicking on the map in the lower right corner,Access maps of different regions(鸟瞰,not travel)

  Abandoned Posts can be found on the district map(Take the blue light to get the plot),There are hints for repairs placed on the plot,Click Repair to open the transmission route,Then find the world area above the map in the lower right corner,You can start traveling


  If the post station is not repaired in advance,Every trip after that seems to require spending extra prestige,If you repair the inn, you only need to spend money.


  The above is the whole content of Taiwu painting scroll plot strategy sharing,想要了解更多相关攻略的小伙伴可以持续关注游侠网,这里每天会为大家推送最新最全的攻略,一定不要错过哦.










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