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"Slimy ranch 2" fluorescence slime?Fluorescent slime share position

2022-09-23 12:04:00Ranger Raiders

In the Slime Ranch 2 game, players can encounter all kinds of slimes. Many friends may not know where the fluorescent slimes are. Today, I will bring you a historyLyme Ranch 2 Fluorescent Slime location introduction, interested friends come and have a look.


Introduction to the location of fluorescent slimes

Fluorescent Slimes are one of the more common slimes in the game and can be encountered at night.

If they are left in the sun for too long, they will disappear.

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Slime Location 3 4

The above is the introduction to the location of the Fluorescent Slime in Slime Ranch 2. Those who want to know more about the Raiders can continue to pay attention to the The latest and most complete Raiders will be pushed here every day, so don’t miss it.Oh.

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