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Chronicle of god brought maxwell's role the strength?Maxwell's role intensity is introduced

2022-09-23 12:04:27Ranger Raiders

There are many characters in the Chronicle of the Gods, and you may not know the strength of the characters of the Chronicles of Gods. Here is an introduction to the strength of Maxwell's characters. Let's take a look at the introduction below.Hope it can help everyone.


Introduction to Maxwell's character strength:

Maxwell Character Strength:

Youxia Network 2

Maxwell (750 morality, 1050 freedom, added in chapter 15, see the anecdote in the lower right corner)

A master of spear arts who is proficient in various spear arts

Features: Good at using the length of the weapon to launch mid-range attacks, with a variety of powerful attack skills

Positioning: Comprehensive strength and speed warrior

Usage: 1. Use flexible positioning and rich skills to attack the enemy

2. Bring a lot of resurrection accessories, go to the crowd to attract firepower, and just stay alive

Recommended items: Inextinguishable feather ornaments (undead clearance reward), resurrection earrings, red scarf, + attack, speed accessories

Recommended degree for job transfer:****


Weapon bonus priority:

Tier 1: Weapon Damage>Speed>Survival>Hit

Tier 2: Second Choice—>Weapon Damage>Speed>Magic Resist

Layer 3: Profound Truth>Weapon Damage

Applicable maps: All maps.

ps: Indestructible + Resurrection Earrings + Miracle Light + Resurrection + Stunt Resurrection from the Dead, you can have several lives for you. 3

The above is a simple sharing of the introduction of Maxwell's character strength in the Chronicle of God. Steam has a free trial version. Interested netizens may wish to try it before purchasing, hoping to help everyone in the game.

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