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How does "Taiwu Painting Scroll" become stronger?New version stronger skills

2022-09-23 12:11:10Ranger Raiders

  Although there are many changes in the official version of Taiwu Picture Scroll,But for some gameplay, it's still the same,So how do you get stronger in the new version?,Here we bring you the skills to strengthen the new version of Taiwu Picture Scroll,一起来看下文中具体介绍吧.


New version stronger skills

  Intrinsic attributes


  If you have to go over some of the test results,It will be found that the original birth month affects the initial bias of internal strength,No details here.

  But when playing,Found that it can actually work through the week,Slowly wash the internal strength attributes into other attributes,They always keep a total of100%.

  所以,The internal power techniques that fell out of the defeated enemies,In particular, to practice,以及突破,They are a very important part of getting stronger.

  Shown here is a very ridiculous king kong properties of inverse practice internal work,The total internal power ratio is100%.


  这里也可以看出来,I used Zhou Tianyun to reduce the proportion of Xuanyin,King kong promoted.



  First of all, you must defeat the enemy and drop the internal power method,These inner strength methods can transform your human material into!It must be said here that the guidance is not very good,But in a nutshell,The process of incorporating inner strength exercises into the process of studying books,After finished reading began to hard practice.

  then start breaking,They can hold the most6个,And seem to be as long as don't on Sunday run won't change the character attributes,Haven't tried Inverse Attributes yet,But now you can beat the enemy to the inside with a stick,very refreshing,Direct game experience qualitative change.



  First of all, the Mo female invasion incident is inevitable,So wait for her directly in Taiwu Village,Enter the battle directly with double speed auto,After you die, you will enter the plot,Your character is ok;The station will open later,Then you can go to the word.

  More about too my scrolls new version is stronger skills related content sharing,If you want to become stronger, don't ignore the choice from the beginning,希望对大家游戏有帮助,更多内容可以点击相关攻略查看.










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