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"Taiwu Picture Scroll" How did the snake live?Orochi play skills on normal difficulty

2022-09-23 12:05:02Ranger Raiders

The update of the official version of Taiwu Picture Scroll has attracted many new and old players to enter the pit. If you want to catch a big snake in the early stage, you need to use a raw rope, so how can you beat the big snake on ordinary difficulty?I draw the skills of Orochi on normal difficulty, let's take a look at the introduction below.


Orochi play skills on normal difficulty

Started with Peiran Jue and finished Breakthrough.

Catch some good crickets, fight crickets with Ah Niu and take the rope, praise Ah Niu and return the moon more, scold Guo Yan more (stealing his clothes is the best choice), and finish Guo Yan's enchantment.The plot went to him, woke him up and joined the team, and took his knife.

At this time, put all the qi on the rushing point, you can have 7 or 8 points, take the knife to cut the snake at a distance, and the split style can cut one wound and one flaw at a time. His knife has three splits, one stab and two.Tiao, Tiao will be dismantled, so as soon as there is a change of trick, it must be replaced by split immediately.

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This is repeated, generally speaking, 6 splits and 2 thorns can be disabled, and they are caught with ropes.

Actually, I'm not sure if Guo Yan is carrying a knife every time, and whether the knife is 3 slashes, 1 stab and 2 slashes every time.

The game Taiwu Drawing Scroll Normal Difficulty Orochi play skills have been analyzed for everyone. Netizens who don't know how to beat this Orochi successfully can look at the above play methods, hoping to help everyone in the game.

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