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How to play the battle system of "Taiwu Picture Scroll"?Battle system gameplay introduction

2022-09-23 12:23:22Ranger Raiders

  太吾绘卷是一款非常好玩的游戏,Official version launched many play before and after the change,Many friends don't know how to play the battle system of the official version of Taiwu Picture Scroll,Below small make up is too my scrolls combat system mechanics is introduced,一起来看看吧.


Battle system gameplay introduction

  1. 距离

  可以通过鼠标(我不会)或者键盘「A」「D」to control the movement of the characters,to control the distance.The character will briefly freeze in place when attacking,Some extreme range attacks will fail because the opponent is still moving


  Two mobile value point,The white like aboveeaversion of the white moving point,the base movement value,Movements that consume this part of the movement value do not have any bonuses,Only determine the movement speed based on the character's basic movement speed data

  The bar below is similar toeaVersion of the green dot,The posture of mobile value.Using movement skills will consume a part of the base movement value to gain movement value,Posture of the mobile value according to the different methods to get bonus

  A lower base mobile value is more difficult to restore,When the base motion value decreases to a certain extent,People can no longer consume based mobile value movement,However, you can still use the remaining basic movement value to cast movement skills to move.

  When base movement value runs out,then the character cannot actively move in any way,You must wait for the base movement value to return to full before continuing to actively move


  This version of the boost and stance bar is so small that I forgot where it was,Battle interface in general is in the lower left part of a circle,There are two layers inside and outside,The inner layer is air lift,will automatically recover over time,Outer layer is the posture,Every normal attack restores a certain percentage of the stance

  正式版与ea不同,The official version doesn't seem to need to wait until the gas and stance bars are full before releasing moves,The official version can release moves as long as the conditions are met

  3.1 The meaning of lift and stance

  In-game damage is divided into「外伤」Red damage,「内伤」Purple damage

  How to judge the damage type or proportion of a martial arts move?

  We can observe the posture of a certain martial arts and the consumption of Qi in the martial arts panel of the character

  With flowers「one finger poinsettia」为例,its consumption percent70(still percent75我记不清了)stance and percent30lift

  那么「one finger poinsettia」The ratio of internal and external injuries is 70% trauma,Thirty percent of internal injuries


  Although many people scold blood,But I think the new version of the health bar is very good

  During the battle, both the enemy and the enemy have a fixed blood bar,Corresponding to the flaws and acupoints of different parts, as well as injuries and poisoning

  When your physical attack hits but doesn't damage the enemy,Will generate light in the enemy's health bar based on the damage of the hit(一个点),中(两个点,我记不太清了),重(三个点)Three different flaws

  Internal injury acupuncture points

  Flaw will be enemy repair over time,But if our attack hits the enemy again,will cause a traumatic wound,Wounds do not heal in battle,If not healed, it will remain on the character,Pre-existing wounds on the character are preserved in battle until healed.

  internal wounds

  Why do I think this version of the health bar system is brilliant?,Because martial arts are like that,Unless the state repression,Otherwise, the two will fight each other to see who has the most flaws..

  In Jin Yong's novels, it is often written that two people fight each other,But one of them has fallen behind,There are flaws in the body,再有xxx回合,this man will lose.


  When the character performs the exercises, we can see the comparison of the attributes of the enemy and the enemy,The properties to be compared are





  The damage hit of martial arts moves needs to hit the enemy and both sides.「命中属性」进行判定,这一点和ea相同

  to cast sword villa「Giant Que Qianjun Sword」为例

  Eighty percent of its damage hits is strength,swiftly,One is exquisite

  这意味着,如果你的「力道」less than the opponent's「卸力」,则这一次「Giant Que Qianjun Sword」80% of 100% damage will fail to hit the opponent

  需要注意的是,「命中属性」As the name implies, it only participates in hit determination,Don't participate in damage penalty

  同时,「命中属性」Also participate in the judgment when the normal attack hits.

  Take swords, sticks, guns, and tired weapons as an example

  Normal attack hack is「力道」判定,flirt「精密」,thorn is「迅疾」

  We can judge the way by attacking

  such as collapse「力道」Take is「精密」点是「迅疾」

  Another example is tossing「力道」Play is「迅疾」Royal is「精密」(I don't use dark weapons much,Don't spray me if you are wrong)


  The poison is simple,Go to the injury panel in the character panel and see it yourself..


  The above is the introduction to the gameplay of Taiwu Picture Scroll Battle System.,想要了解更多相关攻略的小伙伴可以持续关注游侠网,这里每天会为大家推送最新最全的攻略,一定不要错过哦.










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