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"Pokémon Noble" uses encounter force to generate a large number of specific Pokémon methods

2022-11-24 12:25:57Traveler Star game guide

Some dishes in "Pokémon Nobleman" can increase the encounter power of a certain attribute of a character. Players can use this mechanism to farm specific Pokémon.Let’s take a look at the method of using encounter force to generate a large number of specific Pokémon in "Pokémon Zhu Zi" brought by "will0127", I hope it will be useful to everyone.

First of all, there are some rare Pokémon in this generation (Zi Zi), which may be refreshed in a fixed area or at a fixed time, such as Charcoal Samurai, Riolu, and even some rare Dragon-type Pokémon, and I also brushed back and forth between the two fixed charcoal servants for 5 hours at the beginning to catch a few, and I may not be able to catch the character I want.

So, at this time, we can use the "encounter force" attribute of ice cream, skewers, and various restaurant dishes sold in shops in various towns to lure a large number of Pokémon to appear!

Example: I want to catch an ice dragon (Coollosaurus)

first step

Encounter Force:Dragon food must be found, such as the roasted vegetables pictured.

Wandering Star

second step

After buying it, press the + right button on the joystick, it will display the encounter force: dragon, the time limit is 30 minutes, and the sandwich is the same.

Wandering Star

third step

Confirm the Pokémon distribution map in the illustrated book, and go to any area where the Pokémon will appear, and there will be a large number of them. How many? Probably as many as wild dogs XD, because I have never encountered ZhuViolet appears in large quantities, so it is impossible to compare the quantities.

Wandering Star

The picture above shows a random snow field, and you can see that there are about five ice dragons (cool spine dragons) at the same time. If the number is large, you will naturally be able to catch the full character, and it will be like this within 30 minutesrefresh rate!


1. Taking the ice dragon as an example, he will appear 1-2 at certain points in two caves, but in fact, after using the encounter force, there will be as many as wild dogs on any snow. In this picture, it is 36It is at the gate of the level snow field, so it is not necessary to fix the refresh point at the Pokémon.

2. Make good use of the distribution of Pokémon in the illustrated book. For example, there is no Charcoal Samurai on the hillside where Lurio is caught, but there is a distribution of Pokémon in the Pokédex, so the encounter with pickled cucumber sandwichesPower: Fire can draw out Super Charcoal, since there are no other Fire Pokémon in the area.

Wandering Star

Add a piece of grassland above Pingdie Town, there is a grassland where a Riolu will appear, and the carbon servant produced after eating the sour cucumber sandwich of Encounter Force: Fire.

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