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"Pokémon Noble" efficient flashing skills sharing, paradoxical flashing methods

2022-11-24 12:26:04Traveler Star game guide

Many players in "Pokémon Noble" spend a lot of time on the way to brush flashes but still can't flash, so how to efficiently brush flashes?Let's take a look at the efficient brushing skills of "Pokémon Noble" brought by the player "Miko Hakureha". Let's take a look.

brush paradox flash

It’s better to hold the Flash Talisman + eat a level 3 sandwich with the corresponding attributes and start brushing. Generally, you can get what you want in a few hours. The sandwich bonus is particularly obvious. In fact, it is mainly for the level 3 encounter force.buff, the third level of brilliance is also +2 level of flash rate bonus.

The conclusion of the highest efficiency of road flashing

First of all, note that the bling rate bonus of eating sandwiches does not apply to hatching eggs, but only to road flashes and large numbers of appearances.

At present, the secret seasoning is very precious, and it is only occasionally produced in five or six star Taijing pits. It is recommended to save it before eating sandwiches.

If you want to spawn such paradoxical species as Iron Arm, don't just enter the battle to kill them, and don't kill them all. If they don't appear in large numbers, there is no chain at all, just go in and out of the map to refresh.

In the case that the sandwich time remains unchanged for half an hour and the total number of encounters remains unchanged, it is the fastest way to refresh all pm when entering and exiting the map.

Swipe a large number of road flashes, after killing 60+ to reach the maximum chain, save and eat a sandwich, use the method of repeated picnics to refresh, there is no need to continue to kill in let'go mode.

Wandering Star

Wandering Star

Wandering Star

Wandering Star

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