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"Pokémon Noble" 6-star Taijing team battle single brush team recommendation How to fight 6-star Taijing team battle

2022-11-24 12:27:39Traveler Star game guide

《宝可梦朱紫》High star crystal melee because death will deduct time so difficulty is very high,下面请看玩家“贴吧用户_QJXXa83”带来的《宝可梦朱紫》6Star too crystal melee recommended brush team,一起看看吧.


1.Due to the high star pit retaining time death,Basically, die a very sad,So durable is very important,But speed is not the key,So for high star pit elves,High attack against the low speed is the most appropriate,类似于8Generation of ice now,And will have a monthly bleeding means can withstand a die.

2.The enemy has various random too fine properties,This requires our team summarized must widely,Believe that you have a lot of the right is too pure make up for shortcomings,Make yourself a headache,Then take a look at this18How should a property play.

Treasure can choose a dream

1.Say first durable,High pure defense resistance to liveBOSSDamage undead,简直是痴人说梦,So must have a monthly bleeding means.

H. means is divided into the following2种:Props and skills flows.

2.Say first skills flow,H. skill is mainly grass tier to learn,75威力特攻;Combat system learn boxing,75Powerful attack;Worm is a vampire,80Powerful attack;The demon system absorbs the kiss,50威力特攻,The low power does not consider.

The other is essentially exclusive,In addition to pale inflammation blade ghost,不大用得上,Of course, pale inflammation blade ghost is a miracle.

The vampire skills,If deserve to go up high strength damage,Coupled with the sword dance or trick,While playing a vampire,On the basic wear high star hole problem is.





妖精系、Learn kiss、特攻、50.


Departments recommend treasure can dream

Combat skills to learn boxing,Refrain from general、岩石、钢、冰、恶,'quite good.

Recommend is therefore le zhu god first and iron arms,Violet black version just the one.

Zhu god high race,高耐久,Powerful features,没什么可说的,完美.

铁臂膀,High blood attack high technology,The proof is not high but can be by effort values make up for some,剑舞+吸取拳,相当安全,Also can try belly drum+吸取拳,要抗住2Round the undead,Can be secondBOSS,Can also bring props drive energy or the opening,Further enhance the attack.

The second is the iron fighters,Ai road ray flowers future form,Props belt drive energy,剑舞+Learn boxing steady very.

The road again is ai ray flowers、路卡利欧、斗笠菇,The three some similar,Are the sword dance+吸取拳,High crispy,If high levels for durable board,可以一用.


Grass is a skill ultimate learn,Restraint on the ground、岩石、水,What are the elves for?Recommended is oliva,特攻125,The defensive end78、90、109,Double the good,Efforts to full health value and attack,能打能抗,Features are playing on the grass field,The grass is skill30%Increased injury also heals itself,Is a very ordinary grass is attack hand,It's a pity can't learn tricks,Only with the growth level of attack,虽然伤害一般,A restraint enough.

Worm golem vampire,To control the grass、超能、恶,What are the elves for?Recommended to climb to fin,物攻135优秀,The defensive end85、79、705也不错,Trying to pull with HP and attack,能抗能打,A bit of discontent is no sword dance,Only fit to add1Attack and defense level,But can be by characteristics make up,Sunny days under attack can increase30%(The default content highest attack),2种办法解决,Either manually open sunny day,Props with increasing injury prop,Or prop belt drive energy,Save the weather driving a leg,都可以,按自己喜欢.

The demon skills learned your kiss,Refrain from fighting、龙、恶,Those elves suit?Itself from kisses only50威力,So you have to select high attack,First is recommended by flutter hair,The second is sand and bree nai mu wen,The three are not trick,And have a trick,Similar Yu Changmao troll,Not the three attack high,比较尴尬.Also have characteristics of good flutter,还是勉强可以用的,In order to can play high damage,等级不能太低,This a few as fill observer-based cutting force.

Fire skills regrets read sword,Restraint worm、钢、草、冰,The elves had no choice,Only the pale phlogistic blade ghost,After all, is the exclusive skill,Racial value content high attack,Durability can work,With heat system90Powerful attack,Fire the breadth is quite good,In the face of restraint to blame,The sword dance at a time,As long as you don't be seconds,Shots can suck full.

For these own skills such as blood elves,Props column can be used to add damage,Life like treasure is good,Although drop blood,But you can suck back,安全的很.Of course the best props is a metronome,Continuous use the same recruit,Every time add injury20%,5After damage cap,Equivalent to a double,With a vampire,相当给力.


Props flow mainly is a prop——Shells of the bell,Role was the absorption of the injury1/8回血.

1/8确实少了点,But in all can use,Compare the vampire skills,Universal sex more widely.

Suck blood1/8Match means high power skill,And lock the sword dance、Tricks such as secondary thickening of injury,Must choose high ethnic value treasure can dream.

Start with the skills to choose,威力100以上,Use of domestic skills,Only the ground of earthquake100威力100命中,The other is either have side effects,For example, yong birds at it、Such as melee battle,Either hit dissatisfaction,In the high star too crystal melee,MISS的代价很大.


综合来说,Earthquake is the most suitable, of course, is the fourth generation must fierce bite land shark god,130Attack is too fine to the department earthquake,Restraint poison、岩石、钢、火、电,The sword dance a trauma explosion.

The recommendations are slightly regret,Either moves modest,Either the race is not high,Or is not2Enhanced,Either have side effects,Used as filling blind.

戟脊龙,9Generation of quasi god,物攻145非常优秀,Durable and high,Will the sword dance,Just frost attack skill is not high power,Hit also unhappy,略显遗憾,不过也够用了.

赛富豪,尊贵的vip玩家,特攻133优秀,Durable and high,Will also trick,Steel is exclusive skills120威力100命中,Just to play down a attack,The lower the got hurt,For a quick victory,Drag for a long time sad.

Flutter hair,The ancient form,特攻135优秀,Tri-wall also high,Value hard to pull blood,本系95威力100Hit the force of the moon,Can draw kiss and weaving with,Features can also increase injury,But can only learn to meditate and1Class attack, defend.

Royal three HuoZhu,专属技能80Power of a fire,While the power is not high,But once promoted a attack,Don't have to waste a round opening time strengthen,越打越疼,Shells of the bell to absorb more and more,Royal three, nice to get,强烈推荐.

古玉鱼,Evil skill damage is not high,HP is not high also,But the attack135,Features down the enemy's anti,Will also trick,伤害有保障.

物防80,特防120,Double the good,Blood can be used to value less make up,还可以用.

18A property coverage

Grass is a skill ultimate learn:Restraint on the ground、岩石、水.

Combat skills to learn boxing:Refrain from general、岩石、钢、冰、恶.

Worm golem vampire:To control the grass、超能、恶.

The demon skills learned your kiss:Refrain from fighting、龙、恶.

Fire skills regrets read sword:Restraint worm、钢、草、冰.

Attached skills earthquake:Restraint poison、岩石、钢、火、电.

Actually the smallest team of purple version is the most simple,铁臂膀+Ghost pale inflammation blade enough,覆盖90%A star is too higher than crystal regiment war,Individual bad playing,According to the above recommended elves fill blind.

Zhu version,Zhu god will choose,I'll make up for all the other can be blind.




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