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The rise of monster hunter dawn a third weapon balance changes

2022-11-24 12:28:00Traveler Star game guide

《怪物猎人崛起》The third bomb update has come,This update on the part of the weapon balance changes,Want to know updated players here“狼鱼”带来的《怪物猎人崛起》Dawn of the third play weapon balance changes,希望能够帮助大家.

Weapons changes

If repair big sword“一丝呵成架势”Success is derived“真・蓄力斩”Triggered a big barrel shells such as explosion,Explosive damage will rise the question.


Launched in a single hand sword“重击剑药”时,Change is in addition to the current effect,Can reply to a few sharpness.

Repair launched in a single hand sword“上捞斩”And enter the corresponding key derivative to“回旋斩”时,There will be not“回旋斩”,But the derivative to“水平斩”或“盾攻击”的时机的问题.


The double sword“螺旋斩”Make the following adjustments.威力:略微提升 / 属性补正:略微提升

Repair into abnormal state“Jack-o '-lantern abnormal state”时,Even in very close with double sword on the target use“螺旋斩”,Can't stay in the ground set jack-o '-lantern problem.

Repair using double sword“螺旋斩”时,Don't play has set voice problems.

If a repair equipment skill“Just heart”And in double sword“胧翔”After the action or sledge hammer“The water hit”After the start immediately hit,Skills will not a problem.


The sledge hammer“Sprint to break the strike”Make the following adjustments.


If now is adjusted for the“Sprint to break the strike”To be the time is coming to an end“蓄力”,Stage will not continue to xu li,But will become the first3段蓄力.


The sledge hammer“Iron cyclotron insect attack”Make the following adjustments.

威力:提升 / 属性补正:略微提升

Now is adjusted for a hunting flute melody effect“Sharpness longer”时,To be able to reply some sharpness.


The spear gun“地裂斩”Make the following adjustments.


Speed up the flying insect slot reply

The spear gun“冷却斩”Make the following adjustments.


Xiang worm groove regen into“中”

Repair with spear gun“地裂斩”Hit monsters,Blow fly is invalid and damage to reduce the effect will be earlier than the hunter action over the problem of.

Repair with spear gun“超级全弹发射”前进时,Drum shells and VAT explosive bombGTiming will be beyond the expected explosion problem.

Repair to spear gun use“Step on spikes→迅速装填”Then input the corresponding key derivative to“敲打”时,There will be not“敲打”But the derivative to“炮击”的时机的问题.


About fuck insect stick“觉虫击”,After the essence of strengthening the power of the following adjustments.

Strengthen the essence1色 威力:略微提升

Strengthen the essence2色 威力:略微提升

Strengthen the essence3色 威力:提升


For heavy ballista“蹲伏射击”Make the following adjustments.

To speed up the launch of the savings slot regen

Shorten the overheating time


Shorten the continuous firing interval when firing,At the same time increase the fired several ceiling

[灭龙弹、Through out the dragon spring、All kinds of abnormal state of playLv1、Lv2]

Shorten the continuous firing interval when firing

If a repair to regain their use“反制蓄力”及“Counter shooting”And in the timing of the squat down hit,Success is the direct can also launch a skill“Just heart”的问题.

Reduce sound too much coincidence,Weapons of sound won't play the phenomenon of.

Repair equipment skill“合气”时,If just hit when quickly switch“I don't know fire squid”,Effect clearly didn't,But there will be have a chat record notice problem.

Repair using the prop“烤熟的鱼”“活力剂”And through the skill“广域化”Obtain the effect,Even shorter than the effect of the residual time,Effect of time will also be covered problem.

Repair in a state of abnormal“Jack-o '-lantern abnormal state”时,If in blow fly invalid blow fly under attack,此后的“Jack-o '-lantern abnormal state”下,Even blow fly under attack outside the attack,Can also cause explosion problem.

修复从Ver.12.0.1起,The effect of the abnormal state of defense down to launch the question.

修复从Ver.起,The effect of the abnormal state of defense down to launch the question.

Now is adjusted for laceration when abnormal state,Easier to see physical slot flickering display.

Repair in environmental biology“Jigger snake”Remove skill“狂龙症[蚀]”Snapdragon disease caused by infection state,No matter how much red slot remaining,Physical strength will reply the question.


The tooth hound part of dog,According to the respective characteristics of its performance in the following adjustment.

[Double lock hook] 属性补正:提升 / 威力:提升

[Guardian umbrella] Dizzy gain:略微提升 / 减气值:略微提升

[Steel teeth&Strong bones teeth] 威力:提升

[大手里剑] 属性补正:略微提升 / 状态异常补正:略微下降

[铁虫猎犬具] 属性补正:提升 / 威力:略微下降 / 状态异常补正:略微下降

*Slightly longer again used to before the time.

In the process of repair and monsters,Tooth hound will not move to the adjacent area,And can stay in a regional problem.

In the process of repair and monsters,If the player to draw out a sword state keep moving,Tooth spaniel would repeat mobile→On the question.

The tooth hound receive bag,Can now fix whatever collection,Icon will appear“×”符号,Can't collected props problem.

修复以“Blow the dragon cat type gun”Hit the king・When the female dragon,Target will only timidity and won't fall on the ground.

Can not be reduced if in the same area target monster,Tooth hound will take action to attack the phenomenon of adjacent area monster.

Prosthesis can choose the hound color“类型06”时,Can change color of illustration and discoloration actual location different questions.


Raised its Allies to use part of the weapon type of damage.

Adjusted weapon type:大剑、太刀、单手剑、双剑、长枪、铳枪、斩击斧、盾斧、操虫棍、轻弩炮、重弩炮、弓

Effect of repair ally with part of the item cannot work normally problem.

Repair the Allies executive body movements“杂技1,2”时,To make the action of problem.

Repair the first Allies are down,Second ally not royal dragon readiness for royal dragon monster problem.

Repair NiTai using double sword,Sometimes the problems quickly switch of the continuous.

Repair NiTai when using the ballista,Sometimes after quickly switch can't use the charge problem.

If a repair with ray at big sword“一丝呵成架势”Derivative,有时会失败的问题.

Repair samantabhadra in practice under the condition of insufficient gas tank can also etheric knife use“气刃兜割”的问题.

Lena repair repair business administration、罗德娜、NiTai etheric knife use“樱花铁虫气刃斩”时,It hit the special effects are influenced by player option problems.

Repair the dew qi card、火芽、NiTai using a bow,Some even piece broken again in question.

Repair al lo、普贤、NiTai using a sledge hammer,According to the distance with the monster,Sometimes stop action of problem.

Repair the Allies choose picture,If just to see friends information on additional ones,不会显示“!”符号的问题.



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