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Is "Black Sheep" worth buying?Game Features

2022-11-24 17:12:02Ranger Raiders

The game demo of Black Sheep has been released. I believe many players have experienced it. This game will be released soon. So is this game worth buying?Featured introduction, interested friends, let's take a look together, I hope it can help everyone. 1

Game Features Introduction

Game introduction:

At the end of the last century, near the withered small town of Lingyi, the electric gates of the No. 3 Middle School were filled with dusk. It was absolutely impossible to become a passionate girl of the black sheep, open her hands and embrace the earth.

As her inseparable good friend, Li Xiangfan, who should know everything, did not leave a word at that time.

"Hush, don't speak up for the black sheep, it's the instinct to live among the sheep." 2

Game Features:

Moderate horror and thriller elements, mainly psychological hints, integrated into the school's characteristic urban legends.

Collect all the information left in the ruins, and unravel the whole picture of the events of the year.

Beware of monsters born of malice, and find out who they really are. 3

Game plot:

The game is composed of five chapters, each chapter corresponds to the main role of a series of events that happened in the school that year, and the player plays the role of a bystander of these events, as an Aries, how to save them from the whirlpool?Black sheep, the answer is up to you to choose. 4


This is a story-driven adventure game. Don't jump to conclusions when you don't know the whole picture. Even if it is a simple thing, you will get different opinions if you switch from different perspectives and different identities. Players will continue to examine it during the game.Take your own for granted until you find out who the real butcher of the flock is.

The above is the whole content of the introduction of the characteristics of the Black Sheep game. Friends who want to know more about the strategy can continue to pay attention to The latest and most complete strategy will be pushed here every day, so don't miss it.

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