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"Rebirth of the Royal Knights" Career Evaluation What should I choose as a career in the early stage?

2022-11-24 17:13:00Ranger Raiders

  In the royal knights rebirth in the game can choose a more professional,各有各的特色,Play part of a new home at an early stage of career is entangled with,Here to bring you the royal knights rebirth professional evaluation,一起来看下文中介绍吧.


Professional evaluation


  This difficulty obviously increase,But also is not very difficult,Need to use new ideas to it,Is not the same as original value completely.

  Difficult levels mainly last closed at every stage of small indoor,Mixed weapon rank higher,bossTwo high level even triple,而且bossPlay with four card.

  Common ways to reduce the difficulty of,That's his opening eat magic leaves convenient workers have skills and kill the enemy,But the magic leaves related prop store is not for sale.Is a battle to pick up,There a stable method for it is not clear.In general is limited,能省则省.

  The second way is to take back brush passive skill,Brush a shot(Mainly speak probability and control hypnosis、Such as the charm hit),Brush will kill rate,Brush or the probability of not being crit.重生 没有0Back achievement,So you can rest assured regrets.

  The third way is to brush site card.This is too see face,Around a hard luck forbossIt's no use blue card even empty all red card card effects,Lure with blue cardboss走上去.

  The fourth method is flexible use of props,This item is too important,Blue medicine have said just now,The blood medicine more than wet nurse to add,Finally, back to full health medicine.But most item tooltip with four,Is also a limit.除此以外,Reduce the enemy weapons or armor medicine,给bossIn effect is also very obvious.I dozen however will use some prop.


  Many people said that this career is not very balanced,Actually I don't think specifically weapon balance.

  The early only ax,锤子,And the gun can play to it in the front row,I think it was not a weapon to crack down on/刺穿/Target properties Caused by the difference between,Because a lot of axes are target type,Still hurt,Some we still scrapping a small mind is a tidy mind blow type,Should be decided this weapon categories.The second chapter began to appear the whip,伤害也很可观,But the whip in the shop didn't brush weapons frequently update,So after several other weapons updated whip damage down,But still good.


  Really rubbish is bow this weapon,Single hand mid bow,A light damage from the enemy is not enough to see.Hands bow only archers can,HP growth at least,腿短,I will never use archers,Unless bonus is required to pass to play.But the bow20Level of slay has hypnotic effect is very good auxiliary control means.

  总结就是,斧子,锤子,Whip is a version of the answer,Gun can wear two is also very good.Bow and let the bird uncle with a is enough.


  Those remarks about professional and ethnic(我走的L线)

  鸟人YYDS!Early so many common face are the same useless,I play of late,Have heard people crying rebirth how hard hard,The end of the first chapter,果断放弃,To open files,Caught four birdy,一个法师,一个奶妈,A sword and,A warcraft make.Anyhow in addition to in addition to the archer and warrior,Bird people can use the career I use,Abnormal comfortable.

  First, the star of the early career:Knights and sword(Rune swordsmen),My evaluation is an indispensable,One is the adaptation in any scene.How strong is not their,But you have to use.

  Knight was the only tank early career,Dread knights and behind the white knight could not compare to the temple of it c.Only at middle of dragon is coming,Will end,But can barely take a.Knight screens and is the main purpose of making meat shield,You put it when dealers that is wrong,Because it does not increase injury skills,Exaggerated said he may in the milk for half the time.

  Dark knight "is magic double repair,The fame can be,Milk can also assist and single.Listening to the strange badly,Is, in fact, early don't know what,Naturally think of with it.A single damage is not so high but enough to see.Early many times my melee output is only walk glazed screens,But the dark knight "won't idle,So the damage is also very handsome.

  The early remote professional:

  Bow and a small mind so down a tidy mind natural needless to say?Still in the early period of the mage spell is cast type,Are always easy to teammate against ballistic,Let you play done you don't say,Damage as if also so-so.Can you feel useless it is wrong.

  The early stage of the mage without powerful magic,But the diablo series control magic:催眠,Charm is game changing control the miracle.The early stage of the magic hit the enemy,And all good,However, the brain a dragon here,200Blood didn't.Hypnosis is typically controlled three rounds,Is the equivalent of a skills across the offset after injury,This milk than wet nurse a one hundred strong to blood?Generally one or two rounds to eliminate the charm,Charm living mage can good luckaoeHit three of his teammates.But shooting moving,Need to keep back in position to keep trying.

  So I am always with a bird man mage,Although can't turn the warlock,But the ability to "control" is enough.

  Made with a whip accident of warcraft use,It is worth to take two or more pet can very good play out.With the griffin and dragon said here.

  The beginning is the griffin can catch,But the body feeling not defense force row,Is a like a wing man should put the back of the attacker flank into,But far from him is a waste of warcraft.So weird to use it is better to continue to do with the knight in front of the meat shield.

  The addition of dragon really is great,Because birds uncle with junior professional one-handed bow,The second chapter mid did not even how much a cloth armour hurt.But the dragon as a meat shield of professional at the same time,Beaten to high frequency trigger counter,伤害也不俗.Throw stones from vast distances,But also higher than the bow and arrow hurt,As a meat shield and is a great remote hand,Dragon is the most perfect medium-term career.

  And make itself a whip of warcraft damage is not low,, after all, is the strongest man role ozma weapons.我也不知道为啥,Whip is most use \ weapons,Save the blue so fast?10Level of proficiency will kill is2-3G range.Big hag join need to grasp the nine dragon,The is the only qualified to understand dragon to talk of warcraft career.

  However, make not only in the,He still has the rescue skills【Props to throw】Range far away,Mammy chest flat it doesn't matter,Throw a fully restore the essence,It is stand up again!Although most take four props,This is also a kind of reasonable limits should be placed on.

  The main output so early career,Only in the fighters and berserker chose.

  I though not cultivate,But I see an enemy soldier's main building skills a,Strong impact,The next attack inevitably will crit?也就是大概40Double attack let the blue amount hurt.That what is the difference between with weapons directly kill with me,It is much a repel effect,I will kill and are likely to be higher crit damage after,在我看来,This is not a very good enhanced skills.Another output skill is melee weapon attacks twice,In fact the effect is about,战士PASS.

  At the beginning of the ace spiker,Also I recommend most leading role to cultivate professional is coming,That is a berserker,Where is it strong?

  First is his great strength growth was the highest of low-level vocational,Tied for first with dragon to ride.Can only rely on this doesn't prove that he is the strongest followed.

  He is the best part about the most important skills it would probably have to be painful!It is passive skill violent,Probability when triggered,The next attack will become swept around the front three two range.

  The passive is not like a warrior skills,Not consumempPlay with trick almost hurt,But no use probability white fucking.前面也说了,Trigger at the beginning of the probability of turn skills can be back,Let the role before the final foothold in different locations or do different things,来改变的.Generally against some distance apart.Walk process naturally triggered,Really face black then regrets a chess.

  A lot of people worried about the injured teammates,I think you are less likely to use this skill,It requires a diu diu diu diu planning strategy,用起来也不难.Because the enemy's remote also like to forward to hit you back.

  It is the most simple usage berserker go first to flank,Lined his own meat shield against the first wave of damage,By the way get strange,Generally will be at least two strange close to the situation,You to rest assured to play.Perhaps you skipped wing will waste a round(May not be waste),But as long as the call to the two is not lost,Hit three is made.

  If the misidentification of teammate tanks is professional,But hit two or three a is opposite of soft inside a,That you are making.If you really don't want to injured teammates,Can keep the blue put attack will kill skills rather than general,Slay won't trigger a rage across the range of.But rage will continue until you use at(Including back and attack)后才消失.

  The game finished rebirth vocational evaluation, the knights of the royal share,We were chose what profession,希望对大家游戏有帮助,More can play more attention to the related strategy.



Knight play




Leveling method



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