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"Need for Speed ​​Boogie" map like?List of map introduction

2022-11-24 17:13:22Ranger Raiders

In Need for Speed ​​22, maps and levels are one of the most important elements of racing games. Many players want to know what the map of Need for Speed ​​22 looks like. The following is a list of maps for Need for Speed ​​22. Interested friends come togetherCheck it out, hope it helps you all. 1

Overview of the map

The game is set in Lakeshore City, and there are 7 areas for players to explore.The game offers 20 vehicles for the first time, including Bugatti Chiron Sport, Lamborghini Urus, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Lotus Emira, AMG GT, Porsche Boxster 718 Spyder and other well-known models.According to EA's previously disclosed information, the game will contain a total of 143 vehicles available for collection and customization. 2

Need for Speed: Unruly will land on PC, PS5 and XSX/S platforms on December 3.The work has been released on the Steam platform, the standard version is 248 yuan, and the deluxe version is 288 yuan. The game supports Simplified Chinese and Chinese voice.

The game will provide the deepest driving system and the best feel, and the physics system is also brand new.The game also offers a lot of assistance options, and each car feels different.After the player obtains the vehicle, he can make more targeted adjustments to make the performance of the vehicle more in line with his own preferences. 3

The above is the entire content of the map introduction list of Need for Speed ​​22. Friends who want to know more related strategies can continue to pay attention to The latest and most complete strategies will be pushed here every day, so don't miss it.

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