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How to brush the attack effort value in "Pokémon Zhuzi"?Attack Effort Quick Brush Method Sharing

2022-11-24 17:13:34Ranger Raiders

Pokémon Solitaire needs attack hard work very much. Many players feel that the attack hard work is too slow., Interested friends, let’s take a look, I hope it can help everyone. 1

Sharing method of attack effort value quick refresh

If you want to increase the attack effort value, you can go to the forest in the second area in the north of the map. The flying mantis, steel soldier, roentgen cat, and locust in the forest all have physical attack.

Special Attack Effort Value Quick Skill:

You can go to the beach to brush the special attack effort value. The Geng ghost I brushed brought a special attack dog ring to the beach to brush. The acceleration and special attack effort value were used at the same time.Both are 252, quick attack 252 to the beach HP attack 252 to kill pigs. 2

What is the use of hard work:

Effort value is another hidden value that can be obtained besides experience value. Accumulating basic points can improve ability value, totaling 510 points.

You can add points to the attributes of other games in a similar way, and you can add 508 points in total.

In layman's terms, it is the six ability values ​​in the game, which are HP, attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed. All elves have their own ability values.Will be added to the sprite the player sends. 3

Effort value: As the name suggests, the direction of effort, the elf that has maxed out the effort value of a specific item is much better than the ability of the same elf at the same level.

The above is all the content shared by Pokémon Zhuzi's attack effort value quick brush method. Friends who want to know more related strategies can continue to pay attention to Here we will push the latest and most complete strategies for you every day. Be sureDon't miss it.

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