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How to play "Depersonalization" for beginners?Novice gameplay sharing

2022-11-24 17:18:06Ranger Raiders

Depersonalization will be released soon. I believe that many players are looking forward to it. Many players who are just about to start want to know how to play Depersonalization for beginners. The following will bring you a sharing of how to play Depersonalization for beginners. Interested friends come togetherCheck it out, hope it helps you all. 1

Novice game sharing

First: Basic Settings

About dubbing:

Electronic sounds, if you have not been in contact with running groups, it is recommended not to use them. If you have watched running group videos/people who have run groups, you will generally feel that electronic sounds are very emotional.

About the screen:

The light and shadow are pretty good, but the configuration is expensive. If the configuration is not very good, you can turn off the light effect. 2

Second: Survey


Click once, and the place with a green frame can be investigated.

Scouting at a specific location will trigger a plot.

The investigation can be dragged and dragged to the thing or person you want to investigate.


At present, people who are unconscious can be revived.


You can sneak in a certain area, and others will not find you.


Specific areas trigger plots. 3

Third: Battle Wheel

Your active skills: (top right column)

The success of the active skill can add bonus dice to the corresponding action (approximately increasing the probability of success) or add penalty dice to the corresponding action of the opponent (opposite to the reward dice).

Your actions:(right column)

That is, choose to attack, shoot, heal, and some other behaviors...

Actions correspond to weapons, and there may be embarrassing scenes where you are equipped with a shotgun but attack with your fists.

Your attack plan:(lower right column)

When you are attacked, your action is counterattack or dodge. If the value rolled out is higher than the opponent's value or the level is higher than the opponent's value, it is successful (counterattack is fighting, dodge is dodging, so understand).

Your primary and secondary weapons:(upper left, left column)

Equipped weapons (huge scythe, shotgun, broom, bow and arrow, etc. are two-handed, only one can be equipped), dual-wielding melee weapons can attack twice when the attack/counterattack is successful, the damage depends on the weapon you hold, butSecondary weapons seem to have a slightly lower success rate than primary weapons.

Your throwing weapon:(lower left column)

When you equip a throwing weapon, the "throwing option" will appear in the action. The throwing action can throw your throwing props, such as throwing knives, supplies, grenades and so on. 4

Your HP:

It should be noted that the purple blood (near death state), when only the purple heart is left under the character, any attack that makes the blood volume less than or equal to 0 will lead to death, and the empty blood bar does not mean death.

When being attacked with more than or equal to half of the blood volume or being attacked until the blood volume is 0, you will be unconscious. The coma will directly interrupt the actions of the unconscious person in this round, and you can act only after passing the physical examination.

Success Mechanism:

1-5 major successes, 96-100 major failures, 1/2 of the corresponding skill points are difficult successes, 1/5 of the corresponding skill points are extremely difficult successes (success in the game is a golden arrow, failure is a red tentacle, the appearance will beVaries with points). 5

If it is a big success, the damage/healing will be full, and if the treatment is a big failure, the blood will be deducted.

If a person's attack fails and the opponent's counterattack fails, then it is considered that the opponent's counterattack is successful.

Active skills successfully increase bonus dice, the smaller the points, the more bonus dice added.

If you fail, no bonus dice/penalty dice will be given. The greater the number of points, the more penalty dice.

The above is all the content shared by the novice with depersonalization. Friends who want to know more about the strategy can continue to pay attention to The latest and most complete strategy will be pushed here every day, so don't miss it.

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