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How popular is "Most"?Explanation of popularity limit

2022-11-24 17:19:50Ranger Raiders

Popularity is a very important attribute in most games, which can increase the player's stall income.Many players want to know how many people are most popular. The following is a description of the upper limit of most people. Let's take a look with interested friends. I hope it can help everyone. 1

Explanation of the upper limit of popularity

The upper limit of popularity is 100, but it is not really 100, it just shows that the highest is 100.Popularity will decrease by 4 points every day, and heating water will increase by 2 points.Volunteering will increase your popularity and you will not lose money.It is recommended to start volunteering at 99, and then heat the water every day. After doing this, the volunteer will get 130 points. If the water is heated every day, it will be reduced by 2 points every day. Volunteering once every 15 days is enough.

Ways to improve popularity

Players can go to the upstairs of the police station and become volunteers through recruitment.Volunteers don't make much money, but they can earn more than 20 yuan once they earn popularity.As long as you have a little spare money to last for a few days, you can get a lot of popularity through volunteers.

You can set up a stall after you are full, and the income of setting up a stall under high popularity is much higher than that of working in a factory normally. 2

The above is the entire content of most popular upper limit descriptions. Friends who want to know more about related strategies can continue to pay attention to The latest and most complete strategies will be pushed here every day, so don't miss it.

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